Amber Dawn


Former train hopper and spoken word artist, Amber Dawn settled in New York in 2001, attending the School of Visual Arts for Film. Her thesis film was a documentary portrait of underground feminist performance artist, Kembra Pfahler. In 2011, Amber directed and produced a film featuring characters from her Brooklyn neighborhood. It premiered at New Directors, New Films. She is currently residing in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, directing My Rock n Roll Fantasy, an experimental film homage for her best friend Molly 16. 

Animator / Willow D'arcy

Animator / Willow D'arcy

Willow D’Arcy was born in 1978 to a family of creative, intellectual, nature loving misfits. She spent her childhood moving and traveling between the American Southwest and the Pacific Northwest. Her family lived in tents, cabins, hay-houses, trucks and a teepee in the mountains.  She came of age in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 90’s where she sold her first art piece at the tender age of 17. She moved to Portland, Oregon in 1999 and took part in various group shows and street fairs. She received her BA in Fine Art from P.S.U. in 2007. In 2014 she received her MFA in Applied Craft and Design. She is now a freelance animator, illustrator, artist and teacher working in Portland. 



Claudel Chery, a Haitian editor known as Zaka, is an in-tune artist with a theater and poet's background. He is a graduate of Cine Institute. He directed commercials and music videos which broadcast on national television in his homeland, and created a TV show called Tap Tap. Claudel is a key asset with a vision to create material for the next generation of Haitian talent. He edited the 2015 documentary about transgendered artist Flo McGarrall, Peace of Mind and is editor for My Rock n Roll Fantasy.